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Gones Raideurs Adventure Mountain

This will be the 2nd edition ! We are expecting you the 30th of August 2024, at l’Alpe du Grand Serre !

The GRAM 2024 will be an adventure full of surprises marked by expedition by team of 3 or 4 teamates in complete autonomy for a race of 24 hours.

An ambitious program awaits you at the start of Alpe du Grand Serre (France – 38). 

The so-called “full race” route will be a real challenge with up to 100 km for 6,000 m of elevation gain. Optional beacons and time gates will allow everyone to make the most of it. Get ready for a wild life-size immersion in the heart of Matheysine. This vast plateau studded with lakes is also a land of summits. From the Écrins National Park to Obiou, from the Sénépi pasture to Taillefer, the mountain is omnipresent, verdant and mineral, delicately rounded or abruptly sculpted..

The entire route will be revealed to you at the start of the race, Friday August 30th afternoon. The mandatory equipment and the necessary certificates are available on the [race rules].

To summarize !

  • Team of 3 or 4
  • 24 hours non-stop
  • Up to 100km 5500m d+
  • 30 teams expected
  • Mountain biking, trekking, canyon, roller, ropes and more…
  • Registration: 600€/team

The GRAM was born from a common desire to offer a demanding and mountainous event in a territory that we love. The organizing team, essentially made up of the Gones Raideurs helped by the BimBimTeam, is above all a group of friends united around a common passion: outdoor sport and adventure.

With the desire to transmit this passion to the youngest! In parallel with the adventure raid, we will offer a fun formula to young people, families, all those who want to discover our nature activities!  More [infos] soon !

After 18 editions of the [Trail des Cabornis] and 16 of the [Saucona Raid], the GR69 go even further! Be on time !